What is Electional Astrology?

Electional astrology is a branch of astrology that is used to find auspicious times for beginning new ventures and undertakings.

The premise is that anything born or initiated at a specific moment in time has a birth chart, and this birth chart reflects both the nature and future of what is born at that moment in time.

If anything born or done at a specific moment in time has a birth chart, then by extension it should be possible to choose specific birth charts or planetary alignments in the future that would be better suited for the success or failure of any given undertaking or project.

Electional Astrology Classes

If you would like to learn electional astrology, please see the online Electional Astrology Course taught by Chris Brennan through The Astrology School website  

Auspicious Elections Podcast

For monthly electional astrology charts and recommendations, see the Auspicious Elections Podcast.

Intro to Electional Astrology Video

For an introduction to electional astrology, see episode 190 of The Astrology Podcast titled Electional Astrology: How to Find Auspicious Dates & Times .